Reviewed: Ford Transit Power Stroke Diesel Edition

2015 Ford Transit Power Stroke Diesel Edition Passenger Van

Ford Transit 350 Diesel, a New Era for Commercial Ford Passenger Vans.

You may have seen these vans on the road and wondered just what the deal is with these Euro-looking vehicles. These diesel power-stroke vans have proven themselves pro at hauling and getting reasonable fuel mileage on the highway. What are some advantages of the 2017 Ford Transit 350 Diesel?

Easy to Haul Cargo Design

This van makes it easy to make sure your loads are secure with its numerous D-Rings inside the vehicle as well as accurate steering and tight turning to keep your loads upright while on the road. The roomy interior has five rows of seats that when folded, make the cargo area the size of an SUV for whatever you need to haul. In addition to hauling, loading is easy as well as most people can stand comfortably upright in the vehicle. The LED lights overhead make loading at night efficient and bright. The lower loading deck gives you some more space inside as well as efficiency outside when loading your cargo.

2015 Ford Transit Power Stroke Diesel Edition Passenger Seating NJ

Features of the Ford Transit 350 Diesel

The Ford Transit 350 Diesel is very cost-comparable to the Ford E-series and comes with the option of an interior upgrade package, which includes cruise control and CD sync with visor mirrors that are illuminated. The 3.5L V-6 comes standard. You’ll have the option to add fixed glass to the rear doors in addition to the side panel and sliding doors. Parking sensors and camera come standard, but a rear camera is optional—although this can be a great help when you’re towing.

2015 Ford Transit Power Stroke Diesel Edition

The 2017 Ford Transit 350 Diesel comes with a six speed automatic transmission and fuel mileage in the upper 20s on the highway—not bad for a commercial van of this size! LED lights, mirrors that extend on long arms, and cloth seats come standard as well. The Ford Transit 350 also has low engine noise for a diesel and although it only gets 185 horsepower at 3,000 RPM, it still gives a powerful feel when you’re hauling all your cargo.

2015 Ford Transit Power Stroke automatic transmission nj

Come check out the 2015 Ford Transit 350 Diesel at Salerno Duane Trucks in Summit, NJ to see what options you can get and order your new Transit today!

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