Could a Diesel F-150 Be in the Works? Proof That It Exists

Diesel F-150 New Jersey

The Chevy Colorado did it… the Ram EcoDiesel did it… now Ford is doing it! That’s right, proof has finally emerged that Ford is preparing to launch a diesel version of its popular half-ton truck, the F-150. Other automotive manufacturers have released their smaller trucks with diesel options. Although Ford is certainly ahead of the game with its F-Series line of Super Duty trucks, it lacks what other competitors have already offered—diesel in a smaller truck.

The Proof:

Although speculation has long existed that Ford was playing around with the idea of releasing a diesel F-150, no solid proof existed. Photos don’t quite capture the sound of a diesel engine, even if the truck is sporting other diesel features, such as exhaust tips. The public wasn’t convinced. Now, however, has released a video on YouTube of the spotted diesel F-150 (quite literally, spotted in black and white camouflage on the sides) actually on the road!

2017 Ford F-150 Diesel NJ

Ford appears to be using the diesel engine with the latest model of their F-150s, creating interest that perhaps a 2017 F-150 isn’t far away from being released. Although Ford attempted to throw onlookers off with an EcoBoost badge, camouflage, and a standard F-150 body without the diesel exhaust tips, the sound of the diesel engine under the hood and via the exhaust is unmistakable in the video.

The Diesel F-150

Although the diesel F-150 looks pretty standard, we’re excited to see what Ford does with this truck if they anticipate a 2017 release date. With all that Ford’s been doing recently to boost its best-in-class rankings, this truck would be nothing short of incredible. It would also give the competition a little something to think about, as a diesel F-150 would likely outshine the competition. With a diesel engine option, the F-150 would be unstoppable!

The aluminum body incorporated into the redesign of the F-150 would make for a more powerful truck that packs more towing power than any in its class. was able to capture this prototype in action, both idling and accelerating down the road. The rumble of the diesel is apparent, especially when the camera is right next to the exhaust!

2017 Ford F-150 Diesel Union NJ

Get Ready for the F-150 Diesel!

With all that Ford Motor Company has to offer, a diesel F-150 would be a smart choice for them. We can’t wait to see what Ford does with one of their most popular F-Series. A diesel engine would make the F-150 more powerful, more versatile, and more popular than ever. It would also be a major competitor in the competition that other truck manufacturers like Chevy and Dodge have already entered in. It seems that Ford is preparing to step up its game and is ready to rumble with its new diesel F-150 prototype!

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