Ram Heavy Duty Hellcat — It Could Be Happening and Coming to NJ

Ram Heavy Duty Hellcat—It Could Be Happening 4

When SpiedBilde Photography spotted some muscular-looking Ram Heavy Duty trucks in a Chrysler parking lot, Hellcat was probably not the first thing on their minds. However, upon closer inspection, these photos could reveal a hugely powerful truck that’s in the making from Dodge.

The Hood Scoops on the Ram Heavy Truck are Insane!

The Hood Scoops on the Ram Heavy Truck are Insane!

It could be déjà vu, but we’ve certainly seen these hood scoops before on the Dodge Charger Hellcat. Somehow, the scoops make the Ram 2500 trucks seem even more impressive, and they certainly wouldn’t be modest when hiding the power this engine packs—a Hellcat V8 would deliver over 700 horsepower and an amazing 650 lb.-ft. of torque for off-roading.

Ram Heavy Duty Hellcat—It Could Be Happening5

Off-Roading Styled-Body.

Although Ram couldn’t offer their off-roading truck in a diesel, the Hellcat would certainly make up for this and then some. With some tires for mudding and high suspension, this truck looks like it could be ready to go in all types of terrain with the Hellcat engine. With some improved suspension for off-roading, these Ram 2500s could be the start of something powerful and fun from Dodge!

Ram Heavy Duty Hellcat—It Could Be Happening 3

Fun with the Hellcat Motor.

If Dodge does choose to feature the V8 supercharged Hellcat engine in the Ram trucks, it would make for a great drive and some impressive capabilities. However, the amount of power this engine delivers wouldn’t be needed in many off-roading situations, but could be lots of fun for situations like desert terrain. Could the Ford Raptor have met its match?

Ram Trucks Hellcat Body Configurations:

Ram Trucks Hellcat Body Configurations:

From the spied prototypes, it looks like Dodge would offer buyers the Mega as well as the regular cab. What other options would the Ram 2500 Hellcat offer? You’ll have to wait and see. Although Ram hasn’t confirmed this engine yet, we’re excited to see what they have in the making for Ram fans.

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