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Does Your Towing Capacity Decrease with Altitude?


When loading up your truck, you need to know the gross vehicle weight rating and the gross combined weight rating—this way you know how much you can safely carry and tow. Calculating these numbers isn’t hard, and all truck manufacturers in the United States require the numbers you need to be listed on the interior […]

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Reviewed: Ford Transit Power Stroke Diesel Edition

2015 Ford Transit Power Stroke Diesel Edition Passenger Van

Ford Transit 350 Diesel, a New Era for Commercial Ford Passenger Vans. You may have seen these vans on the road and wondered just what the deal is with these Euro-looking vehicles. These diesel power-stroke vans have proven themselves pro at hauling and getting reasonable fuel mileage on the highway. What are some advantages of […]

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The Future of the Transit: The 2016 Ford Transit Connect Van and Connect Wagon


Move over, Smart Car. Check out the Smart Van. With more than 100,000 vehicles within the year of 2015, the Ford Transit still holds the crown of America’s best-selling van. And now with a new year rolling in, why not some new perks as well? Now equipped with a 2.5-liter I-4 or optional 1.6-liter EcoBoost […]

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Funny Shorts: Check Out the Latest Ford Transit Video!

ford transit video

2015 Ford Transit Video. It’s the easiest part of this plumber’s day. The all-new 2015 Ford Transit is up to you. Your choice of cargo configurations, heights, lengths and even wheelbases. Your pick of engines. Seating options to accommodate up to 15 passengers. There are also a ton of upfit options for any business. Contact […]

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The 2015 Ford Transit Van: The Next BIG Thing in NJ Commercial Vans

COMING SOON: 2015 Ford Transit Van to Summit, New Jersey

The 2015 Ford Transit Van has finally entered the production stage at the Kansas City Assembly Plant, and with it comes 2,000 jobs out of the 12,000 hourly jobs Ford plans to create in the US by 2015. The good news is, we can all expect the 2015 Ford Transit Van to be in Summit, […]

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